ARMA Cross Country Boots

The Product:

Cross country boots for the professional. Designed for 360 protection without compromising performance, these stylish, contoured boots protect joints and tendons from knocks whilst your horse is going cross country. The fiberglass polymer tendon shields protect both the digital flexor tendons and suspensory ligaments from over extension of the hind legs. Padding at the front protects the legs from bruising. Touch close straps.

Quick dry | High impact protection | ARMORTEX® abrasion resistant strike pads | Breathable cooling system | Contoured superior fit | Durable | Lightweight and flexible

The Tester:

Bonnie Fishburn

ARMA cross country boots review

I have been using the ARMA XC Boots for a couple of seasons now and they have offered fantastic protection for my horses whilst going cross country at British Eventing and unaffiliated competitions.

What was the size and fit of the boots like?

I thought the boots were a very good fit. Both the front and hind boots are contoured to fit perfectly round the leg and offer extra protection in the right places. The hind boots are much longer and come much higher on the inside of the leg, where the horses are more likely to catch themselves whilst going over a fence. They are lightweight, flexible and breathable which is very important for cross country. They are very easy to put on and due to their contoured shape, it’s easy to establish where they need to be to offer protection to the intended areas.

ARMA cross country boots review
ARMA cross country boots review

Did you feel the boots offered good protection?

I feel the boots offer substantial amounts of protection due to the fibreglass tendon shields which protect the tendons, ligaments and cannon bones. And the ARMORTEX® abrasion strike pads help prevent injury from knocks and bangs.

Any final comments?

I have used the boots many times and am delighted to say that they have never rubbed or slipped during competition. I love that they come in both black and brown.

ARMA cross country boots review

Size: Cob, Full, Extra Full
RRP: Front Boots £45.99, Hind Boots £43.99

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