Aubrion Cross Country Set

The Product:

Look out of this world in the new Nebular Cross Country set from Aubrion. The Hyde Park Cross Country Shirt and Hat Cover pair perfectly with the Nebular Breeches. Designed in performance fabrics, this starry set works with you when galloping and jumping. Your horse won’t be left out either with the Performance Sport XC Saddlecloth. With anti-slip silicone grips and padded panels, this coordinated saddlecloth provides secure comfort under key pressure points.

The Tester:

Megan Elphick

How have you been testing out the XC set?

The set had a bit of a ‘baptism of fire’ as the first time I rode in it I went straight into a photoshoot with Shires which involved jumping several horses around Sapey Cross Country course. Since then I started competing in it and going on the odd cheeky hack, it’s safe to say we turned quite a few heads.

What did you think of the Nebular print?

My first thoughts were that I have never seen anything like it on a XC set before which I love. My favourite thing is probably how the gradient of the colours change on the cross country shirt and hat silk. I had so many comments on my pictures saying it looks like my top changes colour because, depending on the photo, it can seem more pink or more purple. That was really cool. I love how the stars stand out and the colourful grips on the breeches are such a nice subtle touch which ties it all together. Finally, I can’t not mention that pom pom. Really fluffy and really pink, it gets two big thumbs up from me.

What were the cross country shirt and breeches like to ride in?

Like I said they were thrown in at the deep end as I had to go straight into cross country. Without a doubt the first thing I noticed was how grippy the breeches are. I felt extremely secure in my seat whilst still having the ability to move over fences. For a sport where we often get wet having some extra grip is a massive bonus for me. The cross country shirt is very breathable and stretchy meaning it doesn’t restrict your movement in any way. Again, this is so important for riding as sometimes you have to be very quick moving.

What did you think of the saddlecloth?

The saddlecloth is great, as expected it really looks the part and matches the rest of the set. Beyond aesthetics though, it is super practical and designed with the horse in mind. Firstly, it has more padding than your average saddlecloth making it more comfortable for the horse. Along with this the WickAway stay dry lining reduces the build-up of sweat and makes for a far drier finish when you jump through the last flags. Finally, the anti-slip silicone grips are a must for me when going XC to reduce the chances of the saddlecloth moving. I know how distracting it is for me and the horse if the saddle pad slips so I like to reduce the chances of that happening as much as possible.

All of these features go a long way to making the saddlecloth as comfortable as possible for the horse. Seeing as going cross country is a huge physical strain on horses it’s great to have a saddlecloth which can stand up to the test and make it nicer for the horse.

Does this set deserve the Team Shires seal of approval?

It certainly does. I can’t wait to get out in it this season!

Also available in Mermaid or Leopard print.

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