Eventing Essentials

With three disciplines to consider, there is a lot of gear required for both horse and rider in eventing. Make sure you’ve got all the essentials so you can enjoy galloping round the XC course instead of worrying about about whether you packed the right bridle.


First up is the dressage test which involves navigating your keen horse round in circles while he eyes up the XC jumps, all while making it look effortless…


aubrion saratoga tweed jacket

Jacket – you could either go with a traditional tweed, such as the Aubrion Saratoga Tweed Jacket, paired with a coloured stock or tie, or a classic show jacket like the Aubrion Calder Show Jacket and white stock.

Breeches – white or beige breeches will see you through all three phases. Maybe pack a spare pair if you’re really in danger of being dumped in the mud, or just slobbered on after a successful dressage test.

Boots – for a seriously smart look we love the Moretta Aida Riding Boots. They’re so comfy to wear, both in and out of the saddle.

Looking for a finishing touch? A shiny stock pin is the perfect way to complete your look.


shires salisbury bodenham bridle

Saddlecloth – time to bring out your spotless white saddlecloth. The Performance Suede Dressage Saddlecloth is beautifully soft and has a WickAway stay dry lining.

Bridle – make sure your noseband and bit are legal for the dressage phase. It can be handy to have a separate bridle for jumping if you don’t have much time between phases and lots of tack changes to make.


Next up is the showjumping phase. All that’s required is to jump the fences in the right order, leave all the brightly coloured poles up and not fall off – easy peasy, right?


arma tendon boots

You can wear the same in the showjumping phase as you did for dressage but you might want to carry a short whip, such as the Topaz Jumping Bat.


Tendon Boots – protect your horse’s legs whilst still allowing him to feel his way with the ARMA Tendon Boots.

Cross Country

Finally, the most exciting part of the competition is here – XC! With legs like jelly in the warm-up ring you wonder why you put yourself through this. There’s nothing better though than that feeling as you cross the finish line after a clear round.


aubrion alverstone xc colours

XC Colours – stand out on the course in a brightly coloured shirt and hat cover. The new Aubrion Alverstone XC Shirt is made from breathable, technical fabric to keep you cool under pressure and a coordinating hat cover is available too.

Body Protector – don’t forget to pack your body protector or you won’t be allowed on the cross country course! The Karben Body Protector offers a personalised, flexible fit for unrestricted movement while riding.

Number Bib & Medical Arm Band – key bits of kit so you can be identified out on the course.


arma cross country boots

Boots – for all round protection, opt for a pair of the ARMA Cross Country Boots which feature ARMORTEX® abrasion resistant strike pads. Or, match your XC colours with the ARMA Neoprene Brushing Boots.

Over Reach Boots – the ARMA Fur Trimmed Over Reach Boots are really tough and include anti-spin nodules to keep them correctly aligned. Alternatively, for a bit of matchy-matchy the ARMA Neoprene Over Reach Boots come in a range of colours.

air motion saddlecloth

Saddlecloth – keep your horse comfy whilst he is working hard with a breathable saddlecloth. The Air Motion Saddlecloths use 3D mesh fabric to allow air to flow and reduce sweat build up.

Breastplate – stay secure out on the course with a breastplate. This helps to keep your saddle in place and can come in handy to grab onto in sticky moments! The Salisbury Five Point Breastplate features elasticated inserts and fluffy sheepskin pressure pads.


aubrion rucksack

Luggage – with all the kit required, make sure everything stays organised with some essential luggage items. The Boot, Hat and Whip Bag keeps all your gear in order. For your helper/friend/unpaid groom, the Aubrion Rucksack is perfect for carrying changes of kit when it might be a bit of a trek back to the lorry between disciplines.

Stud Kit – depending on the conditions, you may need to change studs. The Stud Kit contains a variety of different stud types/lengths to suit the going.

arma hot/cold relief boots

Cooler Rug – you’ll need to wash your horse off after the cross country to allow him to cool down. In chillier weather, a cooler rug comes in handy so he doesn’t get a chill and helps to wick away the moisture effectively.

Cool Boots – help your horse’s legs to recover after all three phases with a set of the ARMA Hot/Cold Relief Boots. Freeze the boots prior to going eventing, or simply soak in water before use. Want to find out more XC recovery tips? Read the blog post here.

Last but most definitely not least, your final eventing essential is your horse! Tackling all three phases on your own might be a little tricky otherwise…

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