Fla-mingle with our Print Designer

From ladybirds to foxes, at Shires Equestrian we’ve long been known for our fun print rug designs. Our in-house design team are always on the lookout for inspiration and this year we are excited to launch our flamingo print!

The design process begins with choosing the animal for the print. Some designs don’t come to life when printed on a large scale for rugs, so deciding on the right animal is key. Flamingos have become really popular and we wanted to bring this trend into the equestrian world. Their brightly coloured feathers make flamingos a great fit for a new and playful print.

Once we’ve decided on our animal, our rug designer, Sally, sketches the initial print using multiple photos of real flamingos as the basis for her design.

“I like to sketch based off photos so that the animals have realistic proportions in the design. I can also get a bit of their personality into the print this way too!”

Sally Pate, Shires Designer

After creating the initial design, Sally chats with the rest of the design team before tweaking the print. The flamingo originally featured peachy hues on a navy background, but Sally decided to move towards more vibrant pinks for final design. By changing the background colour to a darker shade, Sally ensured the flamingos really popped in the true Shires style.

Sally’s final step is to check how the design looks printed onto the fabric and across the product range. Flamingo rugs and accessories can then make their way to you!

So, what’s next? We’re hearing rumours of more printed products in the works as well as a bit of a twist on the designs. Watch this space!

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