Kizzy and Ettie’s Guide to Summer Fun

Galloping around the countryside with big grins, Kizzy and Ettie sure know how to have fun with their ponies. Find out how they like to spend the summer holidays in the saddle.

Go for a Picnic

Going for a picnic is Kizzy and Ettie’s idea of a perfect summer day. Pack some snacks in a set of saddle panniers, or get a trusty helper on-foot to carry the refreshments. The best spot for a picnic is in the Magic Wood, according to Kizzy and Ettie. Their mum and dad have created paths and little jumps in this woodland area so that it’s the ideal place for fun with the ponies before settling down to eat.

Not only is the Magic Wood a great picnic area, it’s also the perfect place to work on the girls’ riding skills, “It’s really good for them, they don’t realise they’re doing it but they’re scrambling up and down banks, they jump a little ditch in there and they’re ducking under trees,” says Emily, Kizzy and Ettie’s mum. “I make Kizzy find paths and find her way through and we have to follow her. It’s good for them with all the steering and balance without realising that’s what I’m teaching them.”

Keep Riding Varied

The summer brings lots of free time for riding but make sure to mix things up so that neither the ponies nor the children get bored. Kizzy and Ettie get up to lots of different activities through the summer, from beach trips to tea parties with the ponies.

“We don’t put them in the school day after day after day and expect them to go in circles because they switch off and get bored of it and so do the children. We try as hard as we can to make sure all the time we’re doing something different. Even trips to the Magic Wood can get boring after a while, hence why we go to different bridleways, different locations to try all the time to make it interesting for both children and ponies,” says Emily.

Even if you don’t have transport to get out to different places why not have a go at some different riding activities at your home or yard? Mounted games is great fun for ponies and children alike, or setup a treasure hunt. Emily hid lots of chocolate eggs for an Easter Egg Hunt which Kizzy and Ettie loved but you could also use sweeties or toys for fun all year round.  

Invite Friends for More Fun

The only thing better than spending time with your pony, is spending time with your pony and friends. With lots of extra ponies, Kizzy and Ettie often invite friends over to go riding with them. The Magic Wood has a little seating area which is perfect for tea parties. It’s a great way to share a hobby with friends, maybe introducing them to riding, or building on riding skills together.

“They play in the river here quite a lot and they paddle around with the ponies. We have lots of friends over that’s kind of why we have lots of extra ponies. It makes it nice and easy to throw extra children up on ponies,” says Emily.

If you don’t have extra ponies to lend to friends, the Pony Club is a fantastic way for children to socialise whilst riding. With a range of activities on offer from camp to stable management lessons, there is something for all children to get involved with while making friends.

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