Performance Air Motion Pro Saddlecloth

The Product:

Keep the horse cool at peak performance. This high-tech saddlecloth has an advanced cooling action from the 3D Air Motion fabric, actively circulating air to reduce sweat and heat build-up, whilst the shock absorbing lining and silicone grips provide assured security.

Key features:
• Ventilated Air Motion fabric transfers moisture away from the body
• Anti-compression construction to cushion against impact
• Shock absorbing soft grip panels provide padded stability
• Anti-slip silicone grips for enhanced under saddle stability
• Quick drying
• Hardwearing girth guard
• Machine washable

The Tester:

Megan Elphick

How did you test out the Performance Air Motion Pro Saddlecloth?

I made sure that the saddlecloth was put through its paces before giving it the seal of approval. It was worn by all of my horses on some of the hottest days we’ve had this year. I evented in it, galloped in it, schooled in it and hacked out around the forest in it for good measure. It fitted all my horses perfectly from 14hh to 15.3hh.

How did it compare to a conventional saddlecloth?

It wasn’t like anything I have ever ridden in before. The 3D Air Motion fabric is really beneficial, it offered a surprising amount of padding under the saddle and yet was so breathable and ventilating. At first I was sceptical about not having fastening straps for the D-rings. However, the silicone grips really do their job, once you had it in place and girthed up it didn’t move so much as a centimetre. The half grip padding was also a nice touch as it worked a bit like a relief pad in terms of comfort for the horse but didn’t alter how the saddle fitted.

What did you like about the saddlecloth?

My favourite thing was how cool it was for the horses, I would lift the edge of it up expecting to see white sweat after cross country and it was completely dry. It brought all of the sweat away from the sides of their body so they don’t get unnecessarily hot and sticky. I also love the fact it never slipped even without straps, it meant my D-rings were free for me to clip my air jacket onto whilst I went cross country which is a massive bonus for me.

I really liked the fact that I didn’t have to wash it after every ride too. Often in the summer you can only get one wear out of a saddlecloth but this went on for ages. Any sweat that might be on it under the saddle would dry in minutes so it could just be put straight on another horse. It being black helped as no dirt shows up so it stayed looking really smart after lots of rides. Although I tried the full pad, the shaped one [Air Motion Pro Numnah] also looks great and would perhaps be better for competing in if you have a close contact saddle. The padding made it so comfortable for the horses, that combined with the great ventilation meant I didn’t feel bad for taking them on long hacks in the warm. 

Does the saddlecloth deserve the Team Shires seal of approval?

It most certainly does! I will continue to use mine and have already had my close friend buy one as she loved riding in it so much. Highly recommend them! 

Size: 15″ – 16.5″ or 17″ – 18″
Colour: Black
RRP: £52.99

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