Kizzy and Ettie

Name: Kizzy and Ettie

Location: Kent, UK

Discipline: Galloping round the countryside

We chatted with Kizzy and Ettie’s mum, Emily, to find out more about the girls and their ponies…


In the saddle since they were six months old, Kizzy and Ettie were regular riders by their first birthday. After a video went viral of Kizzy galloping and giggling across the countryside on her pony, Cinders, people around the world have wanted to see more of their adventures. With a team of tiny ponies, Kizzy and Ettie do everything from hunt rides to picnics. 


What are Kizzy and Ettie’s favourite riding activities?

Going fast and jumping – oh and anything that involves a picnic!

Can you share your advice for other parents with pony-mad children?

Keep everything fun, and don’t make a fuss when they fall off – it’s inevitable they will but your reaction defines how they see it!

Tell us about the ponies

We (currently!) have six ponies:

Rosie: chubby and dependable but with a really funny Thelwell naughty streak!

Cinders: sorry, Queen Cinders, utter diva and all round legend, everyone’s favourite!

Frankie: the only boy and the girls all think he’s a plonker, which he is, but golly is he fun to ride!

Matilda: FAST! Seriously FAST! Kizzy’s future racing pony and I have no doubt future hedge hopper as she’s also got a serious jump, she’ll be next year’s star once Kizzy has grown a bit!

Chorus: utterly gorgeous – Mummy’s little project!

Lily: Mummy’s new pony!


What’s most important to you when you’re looking for a pony for the girls?

Character – they must be kind! We can ‘create’ the rest but their basic character must be there – and they also have to fit the girls’ personalities, there’s no point having a super pony that they just don’t gel with, Kizzy especially wouldn’t want a straightforward easy ride as she’d quickly find it boring!

What are your favourite Shires Equestrian products?

Our Aviemore Pony Pad – the girls love it!

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