Ultra Pro Fly Mask

The Product:

For sun sensitive horses this fly mask provides the head, cheeks and delicate nose area with 90% UV protection and a sunshield to shade the eyes. The ripstop eye mesh blocks 60% UV whilst ensuring a good level of visibility is maintained. This highly protective fly mask is excellent protection against sun burn and bleaching and particularly useful for horses with photosensitisation or pale pigmentation. Blocks bugs and biting insects by using fleece trims to ensuring a close, comfortable fit is achievable. UV protection – provides up to 90% UV protection. Effectiveness may diminish over time. 

The Testers:

Bonnie Fishburn and Elfie

Elfie Bonnie Fishburn's horse
Elfie Bonnie Fishburn's horse

I used the Ultra Pro Fly Mask on Elfie because he is a grey with pink skin round his eyes and on his nose. During summer months in the past the sun has made this skin very pink and he’s even got some sun burn, where the skin has gone dry, sore and flaky. I do use factor 50 sun cream on him when the sun is strong but when this has worn off during the day he can still get caught by the sun. I thought I would try this mask on him so I didn’t need to panic if the sun suddenly came out and I wasn’t at home to put his cream on.

How did the fly mask fit?

Elfie wearing the Ultra Pro Fly Mask

For me I felt the mask was a very good fit, snug and the perfect shape for his head without being too tight anywhere or causing any rubbing. He appears to be comfortable in it as he hasn’t tried to get it off. The fleece trims help to prevent any sort of rubbing. I like that the mask has a rim above the eyes to allow the horses eyes to not be hindered by the mesh.

Did you notice a difference in terms of UV protection compared to other fly masks?

We have had some really hot sunny days over the last month and I’ve not had to put any sun cream on Elfie to prevent him being burnt and his pink areas are as they are in the winter, so the mask has prevented any irritation from the sun. This stops me worrying about him when the sun is out.

I haven’t seen Elfie getting irritated by flies at all yet, I think the mesh over the eyes and ears plays a great part in this.

Size: Small Pony – Extra Full
RRP: £29.99

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