Your Guide to Pony Club Camp

It’s summer which means that Pony Club Camp is coming up.  A week in the sunshine with ponies and friends – what could be more fun?!  Get ready to spend plenty of time in the saddle and learn lots too.  Before you go, here’s our advice so you have the best week ever.

Preparing for Camp

In the run up to camp make sure you’re as prepared as you can be:

  1. Check your pony is up-to-date on all his vaccinations and ensure you have his passport handy.
  2. Get your pony fit enough for the week – your pony will likely be working a lot harder than normal whilst at camp.  Each day usually involves two riding sessions with a mix of flatwork, hacking, show jumping and cross country. Increasing his workload in the run up to camp will help.
  3. Groom your pony before you leave – there’s lots of opportunities where you will be marked on turnout, so get ahead of the game by giving your pony a good groom beforehand.  Cleaning your tack too will make it easier to keep spotless throughout the week.
  4. Make sure you have enough feed and hay to take with you.

Packing for Camp

There’s a lot of kit to take to camp.  You will need all the essentials to take care of your pony day-to-day, as well as enough clothing for yourself.  Here’s a few suggestions to include in your packing list.

For You:

Aubrion HoldallHoldall – suitcases are a little tricky if you’re camping in a field so a holdall is a great option to pack your clothing into.  The Aubrion Holdall is easy to carry and has space for all your jodhpurs, polo shirts and snacks to share with your friends.

Body Protector – you can enjoy yourself and stay safe at camp by wearing a body protector.  It’s a good idea to wear it for all riding activities but essential if you’re going XC.  The Karben Body Protector is easily adjustable for a great fit and ventilated to keep you cool.

Competition Clothing – don’t forget to pack some clothing for your show at the end of the week.  A classic show jacket like the Aubrion Saratoga Jacket, a Short Sleeve Tie Shirt and your Pony Club tie will make you look super smart.

Jodhpurs – pack a few extra pairs of jodhpurs just in case you get some mud or pony slobber on them.  The SaddleHugger Jodhpurs are stretchy, comfy and available in a range of plain colours so you won’t get told off by the DC!

For Your Pony:

ARMA Air Motion Brushing Boots - Pony Club CampBoots – if your pony usually wears boots, don’t forget to take them with you to camp.  A good all round set of boots are the ARMA Air Motion Brushing Boots.  They will protect your pony’s legs, are made from breathable material and come in a range of colours.

Saddlecloths – your pony will be working hard at camp so they are likely to get a bit sweaty.  Pack a few saddlecloths so that you can pop a fresh one on your pony when needed.  The Air Motion Saddlecloth is really breathable and helps to reduce sweat – perfect to use during hot weather.

Grooming Bag - Flamingo Print

Grooming Kit – score top marks for turnout by taking all your grooming supplies. To keep everything from brushes to plaiting bands organised, store everything in a grooming bag.

Stable Equipment – you’ll be responsible for looking after your pony day to day so make sure you take all your tools for mucking out and buckets for feed/water. A manure scoop is also really handy for skipping out the stable in the evening as well as taking care of any surprises just before your stable is inspected.

Enjoying Camp

Pony Club Camp is a really fun week and you’ll want to make the most of all the different activities!  There is lots of tuition so make sure you’re paying attention to your instructor.  By the end of the week, you will really see an improvement in you and your pony.

Sometimes it’s a bit of a rush to finish mucking out in the morning, or to get ready for the next lesson.  If your friend is struggling, give them a hand so everyone is ready on time – you might need their help another day!

Camp is a great opportunity to bond with your pony.  Keep an eye on them to keep them fit and healthy throughout the week.  They will also appreciate a little goodnight cuddle when you’re doing your evening checks!

From swapping ponies to water fights there is never a dull moment at camp.  Time flies by when you’re having fun so enjoy every day with your friends and pony!

All you have to do now is load up your pony and head to camp!  Share your photos of Pony Club Camp with us by using #shiresequestrian or tagging us. Happy riding!

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